Update from Islamic Relief SA

Islamic Relief South Africa* has added 1 million Rand to the #OperationSA donation, taking the total contribution from IRSA to the current Aleppo Emergency Relief effort to 2 million ZAR.

Being part of the global Islamic Relief network has enabled IRSA to have the R2 million emergency funding applied immediately to the relief efforts on the ground in Syria, which we did upon confirmation of the OperationSA allocation.
The documentation for transfer of the emergency funds were submitted to our bank forex department on the 09/01/2017 and should reflect in IR Syria account within the next few days.

Islamic Relief has been actively involved in the Syrian Relief effort since 2012, and many of our staff were among those recently evacuated from Aleppo. Alhamdulillah.

Insha’Allah, the South African contribution to the current emergency relief efforts is having a much greater impact due to it being a multi-donor intervention of Islamic Relief Global partner offices.

The total project funding from Islamic Relief is € 714,522 (approx. R 10,35 million)

IR SYRIA teams plan to provide more than 300 families (1500 individuals) with Shelter and household kits as well as 7700 families (38,500 individuals) who will benefit from the hygiene kits, water supplies and sanitation facilities over a period of 6 months.

Updates will be provided as received from the field with full report upon completion of project.

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