We reiterate that the option of transporting bottled water to Cape Town is not viable



THURSDAY 1st February 2018

Members of Operation SA have been inundated with enquiries from NGO’s, schools, corporates and members of the public, requesting more information on the collection and distribution of bottled water.

“We reiterate that the option of transporting bottled water to Cape Town is not viable” said Operation SA’s Yusuf Abramjee.

At a meeting with the Department of Water & Sanitation (DWS) on Tuesday 30th January 2018 in Pretoria, officials urged volunteers not to encourage the collection and transportation of bottled water.

Abramjee said no fund raising initiatives will be undertaken for now. “If the situation changes, we will review and mobilize.”

Experts have also discouraged the collection and transportation of bottled water.

Yaseen Theba from Operation SA, said that during the 2014/2015 drought, bottled water was the only option because of the poor water infrastructure system. Seven  provinces were without water for weeks.

“At that stage we needed to get drinking water urgently to people that were literally dying of thirst, and bottled water was the fastest option.

“The current situation in Cape Town is different… We must use the time and the current water infrastructure to plan more sustainable drives to #SaveWater so that we can be hopeful that we never have to go back to distributing bottled water, unless absolutely necessary” added Theba.

Over the coming days Operation SA and its partners will embark on a number of water saving campaigns in the Western Cape.

“We are inspired by the concern from South Africans and their willingness to show their support that comes from their hearts. This is the true spirit of Ubuntu” said Catherine Constantinides, South African Climate Activist and Executive Director of Miss Earth South Africa. She further went on to say; “I urge citizens to urgently reduce water consumption as the only way to avoid the crisis and move beyond Day Zero. It is ouar individual responsibility and citizenship that will enable us to manage this precious resource so that there is enough, for all. We need to all become more conscious of how we use water in every aspect of our daily lives.”

The Miss Earth South Africa leadership programme has committed to working closely with the DWS, alongside all critical stakeholders to manage an educational drive and schools programme across the Western Cape, that brings together influencers and community leaders.

Ambassadors will work tirelessly over the coming months to reach learners, educators and communities as we move towards a future that ensures all South African’s #SaveWater as a way of life.

For more information contact:

Yusuf Abramjee for Operation SA on 082 441 4203

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