Massive #SaveWater campaign in the Western Cape gaining momentum

Monday 5 February 2017



Operation SA and the Miss Earth organisation have welcomed news that “Day Zero” has been pushed back by a month to 11 May but they have cautioned: Don’t start celebrations just yet, we must continue to #SaveWater now more than ever before!

The two organizations said it was “critical” for Capetonians to #SaveWater now and reduce usage immediately.

Operation SA’s Yusuf Abramjee said: “While we welcome the moving of the date or ‘Day Zero’, we still have lots to do. We need to mobilize the public to save water and we have to work on plans to ensure that the taps don’t run dry.”

Abramjee said various organizations were working in partnership with the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS).

“Various plans are in place to mobilize the public to #SaveWater. We are also launching an Ambassadors programme soon in Cape Town,” he added.

South African Climate and Environmental Activist, Catherine Constantinides has been an active voice across the nation in a call to drive engaged citizenship in addressing the crisis the nation faces. “Now more than ever we can and must continue to stand together, share ideas, educate our communities, be innovative and practical as we drive reducing our water consumption”, says Constantinides.

The Miss Earth South Africa organisation has been working in schools and communities over the past few years under the banner of #WasteStopsWithME. They have now called on citizens to take individual responsibility and accountability for the manner in which we live and use the natural resources around us, especially as a water scarce country.

The organisation has committed to working closely with the Department of Water and Sanitation, alongside all critical stakeholders to manage an educational drive and schools programme across the Western Cape, that brings together influencers and community leaders. Ambassadors and activists will work tirelessly over the coming months to reach learners, educators and communities as we move towards a future that ensures all South African’s #SaveWater as a way of life.

Team South Africa has been urged to pray for rain from 9 to 11 February. The DWS is leading the call supported by NGO’s.

Meanwhile, Yaseen Theba of Operation SA said discussions were underway with NGO’s and government departments to look at boreholes.

“We have some funding thanks to Awqaf SA and once we get the green light we can start the work. We will target schools and other public places,” Theba added.

Both organizations again appealed to the public not to collect and transport bottled water from Gauteng to Cape Town.

“It’s not viable. We also concerned that water is being filled into unsterile containers and this can result in contamination and it poses health risks.”

Water experts and the DWS have also called on the public not to collect and transport water.

“Let’s not cause panic. Let’s focus on saving water for now and if and when things change, we will mobilize the public. South Africans always show the spirit of Ubuntu,” added Abramjee.


Yusuf Abramjee cell 082 4414 203

Yaseen Theba cell
064 000 000

Catherine Constantinides
‭083 747 7677

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