‪#SAveSyria #OperationSA.

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Monday 2 January 2017

‪#SAveSyria #OperationSA.

We arrived in Istanbul Turkey earlier today and flew to Hatay, some 2 hours away.

I am part of the Al-Imdaad Foundation team which includes Qari Ziyaad Patel, Ayesha Patel and Moulana’s Abdulla Chohan and Mohammed Motala.

After briefings by executives of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, in Reyhanli, I fully understood the mass scale of the suffering.

Over the next three days, we’ll be visit refugee camps/orphanages and will also engage with NGO’s.

Reyhanli is on the Turkish/Syrian border.

The IHH, which has some 650 employees, runs a massive humanitarian programme in this region. I counted some 100 trucks loaded with aid for the refugees (with food, blankets, mattresses etc) ready to go to the various camps.

The regional IHH HQ is massive and it very well organized and professional.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation is the main Southern African partner of the IHH. Qari Ziyaad Patel and his team are regular visitors to the region to oversee the humanitarian programmes.

Here are some of the facts and figures we were given today:

*There are some 3-million Syrian refugees on the border with Turkey.

*In Reyhanli (2km from the Syrian border) where we are there are 120 000 refugees.

*There are about 1-million young refugees and only 50% go to school.

*There are 1500 orphans (ages 1 to 12) in Reyhanli alone. There are just over 30 000 orphans along the border area.

@IHHen runs 40 bakeries and 2-Million loaves of bread are distributed to refugees daily.

*There are 250 refugees in Reyhanli who are paralyzed. Many are children. They were shot while others were injured by bombs.

*Some women refugees are prostituting themselves to support their children.

*@IHHen says “block houses” are needed urgently. Costs: 8000US$ (about R120 000). It is in Syria 5km from Turkish border. Thousands of these houses are needed for refugees.

*@IHHen says they are in need of blankets and warm clothing. It’s freezing here and it’s about to snow.

*@IHHen says baby food is also needed. In additional, there is a need for clothing
and medicines. Diapers are needed too.

*Aleppo is 50km from where we are. Idlib is about 10km across the border. There are also several refugee camps in this area served by IHH.

*@IHHen says people must work with local NGO’s in their countries such as @Alimdaad and others to ensure aid arrives swiftly. Cash donations is the quickest way to get the aid where it is needed most.

*The Tiny Hearts Village will be the biggest orphanage in the world when it is opened here soon. We looked at the model and will visit the site on Wednesday. It’s almost compete.

*In Reyhanli, some children brave the cold and rain begging for food. It breaks ones heart.

The Al-Imdaad has also channeled funds raised by itself and #OperationSA to various IHH programmes. We will monitor the distribution over the next 48 hours.

LET’S CONTINUE TO PLEDGE AND ASSIST THOSE IN NEED. SMS 072 3 99 99 99 or go to www.operationsa.org

Now is the time to #SAveSyria

The next few days are going to be tough as we see the scale of suffering. We have been warned that what we are about to see if heart-breaking and distressing. Volunteers who have been here from across the world leave traumatized and the images continue to haunt them.

#OperationSA has received several requests from people back home who want to come and volunteer with humanitarian efforts. It’s on our agenda with the IHH and the Al-Imdaad Foundation for discussion.

We have also received scores of enquiries about people who want to adopt orphans. Experts here say this is not an option for now because taking children out of this environment can be detrimental and there are a number of legal issues as well.

Thank you 🇿🇦 for your support. Let’s continue to make a difference.

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Operation SA program of 28 December 2016 from the Sirius FM

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R9 million raised to ease Syrians’ burden

Johannesburg – South Africans have dug deep into their pockets and donated more than R9 million in aid to war-torn Syria.

27/12/2016. Yusuf Abramjee holding the #SAveSyria banner in support of aiding those displaced in the ongoing and very violent civil war that has plagued Syria for a number of years.

They were moved by the heartbreaking images of the situation in Aleppo, said Pretoria-based social cohesion advocate and #SAveSyria co-ordinator Yusuf Abramjee on Tuesday.

He said he had been inundated with calls from various individuals and organisations since fighting broke out in Aleppo.

They said they wanted to help after seeing pictures of dead and injured children.

Aleppo is a city in Syria that made headlines in recent weeks after Syrian regime forces retook the city, formerly held by the rebels.

Images of thousands of people, including children, caught in the crossfire have emerged, and this encouraged South Africans to take a stand and support them.

“Exactly 11 days ago I was inundated with calls from various individuals and NGOs saying the images of Aleppo of the dead children were heartbreaking, and asked if there was anything they could do as South Africans,” according to Abramjee.

He said he immediately began calling his activist friends to do something to help the people of Syria.

“OperationSA was meant to start in the new year to help with humanitarian efforts in South Africa and all over the world, but due to the urgency of the matter, we decided to launch #SAveSyria.”

This effort has seen Abramjee join hands with former public protector Thuli Madonsela, and together they are raising money for relief.

Madonsela also worked with Abramjee on #OperationHydrate during the height of the 2015-2016 drought, which affected large parts of the country.

The campaign collected water from wetter areas and sent it to areas that had become parched from the intense heat and lack of rain.

“We asked South Africans to start pledging online, and we received R250 000 worth of pledges.

“Then we had a pledge line on ITV and community radio stations between 7.30pm and 11.30pm.”

During those four hours people pledged R10.2 million, which will be given to seven charities chosen to use the money and their skills to aid Syria.

“Currently in the account we have R9.3 million, and that is what we will be handing over to the seven charities.”

Abramjee said this was “ubuntu in action”, where South Africans young and old disregarded their own financial standing or economic situation to extend a helping hand to those in need.

He spoke of children donating their pocket money as well as a family in Laudium, Tshwane, who did not want to be named, who chose to forgo their holiday and instead donated the money to #SAveSyria.

The campaign will give six charities R1m each on Wednesday, while the Al-Imdaad Foundation will receive R3.6m as a special request from the Polokwane community.

Madonsela will address the charities during the handing-over ceremony.

“We don’t want a rand to go towards salaries, travel, commission, etc,” said Abramjee.

The charities would have to explain how they intended spending the money.

He also said they would be donating a container with clothing, sanitary towels and food to Syria, with another one being sent next month.

The money from the on- going pledges would be given to the seven charities to further their aid efforts.

“We will also be going to Syria for a fact-finding mission and to see where all the donated money went,” said Abramjee.

The foundations involved are Jamiatul Ulama SA, Africa Muslims Agency, Jamiatul Ulama KwaZulu-Natal, Darul Islam Relief Fund/Muslim Judicial Council (SA), Islamic Relief SA, Al-Quds Foundation and Al-Imdaad Foundation.

The Star





JOHANNESBURG- Almost R10-million was presented to seven charities today by #OperationSA for the #SAveSyria humanitarian efforts.

The money was raised following an urgent call for donations over the past ten days. R14 110 668.00
was pledged as at 8am today.

Speaking at a cheque handing over ceremony in Houghton Johannesburg today,
#OperationSA’s Yusuf Abramjee said “the response from South Africans has been over-whelming. People have opened their hearts and have dug deep into their pockets over the past few days. This is Ubuntu in action yet again.”

Abramjee told the seven charities that the money had to be used for humanitarian aid only. “We don’t want one rand to go towards salaries, travel, commission, etc.

“There is a desperate need for food, medicines, clothing, blankets, shelter, etc. We want to also ensure that the aid reaches the people of Syria without delay,” Abramjee said.

Six charities received R1-million each. They are the Jamiatul Ulama SA, Africa Muslims Agency, Jamiatul Ulama KZN, Darul lslam Relief Fund/Muslim Judicial Council (SA), Islamic Relief SA and the Al Quds Foundation.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation was presented with a cheque of R3,655 000. The Polokwane Muslim Trust Welfare Fund donated R2,3m. Two other donors also requested their funds for the Foundation.

A total of R9 655 000 was paid to the charities. The balance will be hand over in January once all the money pledged is in.

Representatives from the organizations thanked #OperationSA for mobilizing at very short notice and for raising the millions of rands.
They said #OperationSA united NGO’s.

Abramjee said the “recall rate has been excellent. Over 70% of the money pledged and was paid into the special account within a week.”

He said “doing good should become a way of life. We at #OperationSA are looking at ways of assisting people in need in South Africa next year also on a massive scale.”

Yaseen Theba from #OperationSA said everyone from NGO’s to Womens’ Groups, companies, individuals and school children have donated.

“We have seen South Africans from across the spectrum donating. This money is going to go a very long way to assist the people of Syria,” added Theba.

He said the multi-channel media broadcast last Tuesday evening raised just over R10m. “Some R4m was pledged via SMS’s, Whats App and on-line.”

Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela has also thrown her weight behind #OperationSA.

She said “the biggest mistake we can make is doing nothing” and has placed her full support. She was also announced as a patron of #OperationSA.

Scores of young children, some donating their spending money, also called-in to the pledge lines last week. A Pretoria family, who did or want to be named, even cancelled their planned holiday to donate to #SAveSyria.

Al-Imdaad’s Projects Coordinator Qari Ziyaad Patel said: “Our teams on the ground are ready to facilitate the relief efforts on behalf of #OperationSA and with the experience and transparency we have it will indeed be and eye opener for the group.

“The situation and difficulties faced by the Syrian people is without doubt the worst humanitarian crisis of our time and together this initiative from #OperationSA will make a huge difference.”

A container filled with essential items such as food and clothing left Johannesburg today.

The Al-Quds Foundation said a second container was being prepared for January.

Speaking at the “Container Sealing Ceremony” in Ennerdale, Abramjee thanked the many donors. “You are going to help thousands of people. We salute you for caring.”

#OperationSA is continuing to take pledges. SMS or WhatsApp 072 3 99 99 99 or on-line www.operationsa.org


Yusuf Abramjee
Cell 082 4414 203
Twitter: @abramjee

Yaseen Theba
Cell 064 4 000 000
Twitter: @yaseentheba


UPDATE ON #SAveSyria #OperationSA


As at 10am on Friday 23 Dec 2016, R7,732,273.22 of R13 626 937 pledged has been paid into the #SAveSyria bank account.

This amount includes R2,3m from the Polokwane Muslim Trust Welfare Fund for the Al-Imdaad Foundation.

#OperationSA thanks all the donors for opening their hearts.

#OperationSA has appealed to those who have pledged and have not paid their amounts to please urgently deposit it in the following account:



BR CODE 220325*

ACC No.62102373206

Ref: AIF20819
Aleppo-Zakaat/Lillah/Sadaqah etc.
*Must mention Zakaat, Lillah or Sadqa.

#OperationSA is planning to distribute the money raised before the end of next week.

The money is to be distributed equally to seven local charities who are doing humanitarian work in Syria.

They are the Al-Imdaad Foundation, Africa Muslims Agency, Jamiatul-Ulama SA, Jamiatul-Ulama KZN, Al-Quds Foundation, Muslim Judicial Council and Islamic Relief SA.

#OperationSA has made it clear that the funds raised are exclusively for humanitarian efforts and are not to be used for salaries, agents commissions, travel or unrelated costs.

Also, pledge lines remain open. Go to www.operationsa.org or SMS/WhatsApp 072 399 9999

Over R10-million pledged for #SAveSyria by #OperationSA


Wednesday 21 December 2016

Over R10-million pledged for #SAveSyria by #OperationSA

A pledge line by the five-day old NGO #OperationSA to assist with humanitarian efforts in Syria raised R 10 028 953.00 within five hours.

The #SAveSyria campaign was launched at the weekend following calls to assist victims in Aleppo and other parts of war-torn Syria.

Social activists Yusuf Abramjee, Yaseen Theba and Catherine Constantinides are among those behind #OperationSA.

The pledge line on ITV channel (DSTV 347) and several radio stations saw almost 800 callers pledging.

The biggest single pledge was R2m from the Polokwane Muslim Trust Welfare Fund.

Scores of young children, some donating their spending money, also called-in.

The money is to be distributed to seven local charities who are doing humanitarian work in Syria. They are the Al-Imdaad Foundation, Africa Muslims Agency, Jamiatul-Ulama SA, Jamiatul-Ulama KZN, Al-Quds Foundation, Muslim Judicial Council and Islamic Relief SA.

“South Africans and foreigners opened their hearts. The donations will go a long way to ease the pain and suffering of Syrians,” said Yusuf Abramjee from #OperationSA

“We witnessed Ubuntu in action yet again. The response from the public has been amazing and we will ensure that every rand raised is used for humanitarian relief such as food, blankets, medicines and shelter,” added Abramjee.

Yaseen Theba from #OperationSA said the pledge line was a “major success.”

“The phones did not stop ringing. The shocking images from Syria also prompted many callers to donate. The over R10m raised in such a short period of time shows we are a caring nation,” said Theba who directed the Call Centre Operations.

On-line pledges are still coming in and the public can continue donating on the website www.operationsa.org

Donations can also be made via Whats App and SMS: 072 3 99 99 99.

Catherine Constantinides said: “Thank you, thank you, thank you. South Africans never stop to amaze. They dig deep into their pockets and they always make a difference. We have hearts of gold. I am proud of my colleagues at #OperationSA, the many volunteers and sponsors. Well done also to the media for supporting the cause.”

Abramjee said a delegation was planning to visit Syria soon “to look at conditions and the relief work underway.” The Al-Imdaad Foundation is co-ordinating the visit.

#OperationSA will continue to work locally and internationally by engaging with partners, donors and communities “to develop projects that bring relief, hope and dignity to some of the most vulnerable people.”
#SAveSyria banking details.

BR CODE 220325*
ACC No.62102373206
Ref: AIF20819
Aleppo-Zakaat/Lillah/Sadaqah etc.
*Must mention Zakaat, Lillah etc.
Send Proof to info@operationsa.org


Twitter: @OperationSA1
FB: www.facebook.com/operationsa

Instagram operationsa1

Website: www.operationsa.org



Yusuf Abramjee
Cell 082 4414 203

Yaseen Theba
Cell 064 4 000 000

#SAveSyria Live Pledge Line

Innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered. It’s time for the world to stand up and assist.

South Africans are uniting and we appeal to our viewers to join-in.

soukISLAM is joining OperationSA to raise money for humanitarian efforts in Aleppo and others parts of Syria.

Join us on Tueday evening 20 December 2016 from 7:30pm to 11:30pm Central African Time together with ITV, Radio Islam, Radio Al Ansaar, Voice Of The Cape, Deen TV, Sirius FM and others.

This project is also supported by amongst others
Jamiatul Ulama SA, Jamiatul Ulama KZN, Al Imdaad Foundation, Islamic Relief SA, Awqaf SA and a number of other organisations.

OperationSA website –

SA group raising funds for aid to Syria

JOHANNESBURG – A group of South Africans have formed an organisation called Operation SA to urgently raise money, for humanitarian efforts in Syria.

The non-profit organisation says its mission is to reduce human suffering in Aleppo and other parts of Syria by raising few million rand because innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered and thousands are crying for help.

Among those behind the initiative is social activist Yusuf Abramjee, who says they cannot sit back and see the suffering continue.

Abramjee says the organisation will distribute funds to credible charities which are working on the ground as a matter of urgency.

“Men, women and children are being killed. There’s a need for medicines, food, clothing, blankets and shelter. We as so we as South Africans decided to unite under the banner of Operation SA, #Save Syria, to assist with the humanitarian efforts.”